Why Do Lottery Number Patterns Improve Your Chances? Satta Matka

Now, let’s say by chance you discover a lottery number pattern. How can this improve your chances of winning the lottery?

Intuitively, you already know the answer. If something has a pattern to it, if there is a trend, you have a better chance of predicting what will happen next. If there is no discernible pattern then the only option left is to guess, which is exactly what most lottery players do every drawing. It’s either that or buy some Quick Picks and let the state guess for you.

So, for all serious lottery players, our path is clear. To improve our chances, we must find those lottery patterns. And, that my friend is no easy task. If slaving over stacks of paper you’ve generated trying to find a lottery number pattern by hand, is not your thing then listen up. The easiest way to do this is to let a good lottery software program do it for us. This type of problem is what computers were made for. This is where they shine. But, how do we tell the difference between a pattern or trend that will improve our play and one to avoid? It is quite easy, actually. In a nut shell, here is how it’s done.

For example, let’s say we start out by guessing. By doing so over many drawings, we average 1 correct winning lottery number per drawing. Matka This becomes our baseline. From this point forward, we are looking for any pattern or trend that does better than this and all others we avoid.

Now, if we followed this procedure over a period of time, we would see an improvement in our play. But, we would still be missing the big picture.

Do you want to know what the real secret is? Here it is.

You can’t win a battle with one soldier. You need an army. You need to take advantage of many lottery patterns and trends to build a respectable play list. Then, over time, you make changes and adjustments to push the average number of correct numbers higher and higher; increasing your chances of winning in the process.

Some Words of Advice: Without the aid of a decent lottery software program to do all of the heavy lifting, this method would be a nearly impossible task. But, with the right tools, playing the lottery will become much more fun.

Playing the lottery with a strategy gives you a competitive edge over the average player because you are using mathematical calculations to ascertain your selected numbers based off of the preferred strategy you wish to utilize. How is this any different than picking numbers at random or using my birthday and anniversary? I’ll tell you.

Using a strategy such as a lottery wheeling system can dramatically increase your chances of winning the lottery by using math, the universal language, to your advantage. Wheeling systems arrange a group of numbers into multiple combos (games) that will provide you with either full or partial cover of all the combos within a section of numbers. By using a wheeling system, you are almost guarantying yourself a win each time.

Typically most people generate their wheels by hand but many lottery strategy experts, including myself, recommend using software to assist you with generating your wheels to eliminate any chance of human error.

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