Proper Ways of Achieving Peace the World can Adopt

Looking at the history of the world, which can be defined as human history, people have been in constant fights and wars, which has seen the lives of many people taken from the world. As such, the rush for political power has caused some countries to usher in a new age of nuclear warfare, creating the unfathomable need for the world to attain worldwide peace and avoid nuclear warfare. The rise of superpower countries has created intense pressures on the world intended to grow, as evidenced by humanity’s history of military strategies and behaviors. The following are ways the world can attain peace and avoid a future catastrophic war.

Elimination of Exclusion

Often, governments have a habit of excluding people from the policy and decision-making processes, with some governments hiding secrets from the citizens they have been elected by and sworn to protect. In most cases, countries with such governments tend to enter a dark period in their times by engaging in conflict since people lose trust in the governing system. The abuse, neglect, and lies the government provides for its citizens often instigate civil war and force neighboring countries to interfere with the war to make peace. Through the active inclusion of every citizen in the government running affairs, peace often prevails, and war is avoided.

Social Gender Equality

Conflict often arises in social structures unsatisfied with the status quo and would rather fight and struggle to achieve socio-political satisfaction. For instance, gender inequality is one of the social statuses that dramatically affects the stability and peace of a social structure, especially if members of a particular gender are mistreated for their gender identity. According to statistics, the more significant the gender gap within a country, the greater the chance for social chaos within the social order. Gender inequality issues in countries surpass people’s GDP, democratic rights, ContractSafe of the people and personal identity, which fuels the possibility of internal and external conflicts. Equal incorporation of both genders in every affair pushes forward the agenda of peace and corporation.


Equal Distribution of Resources

In countries facing civil war from rebel groups, the opposing militia force is often composed of people from impoverished backgrounds. Governments are responsible for ensuring every country member enjoys development in terms of social and economic aspects. A good way governments ensure their countries’ success and growth is through the distribution of resources in the country. When governments favor people in a particular area over other needful areas regarding resources, conflict is more likely bound to rise from the people denied resources. As such, it is imperative always to provide resources equally for all people to avoid social strife over equality.

Climate Change Solutions

Every country relies on resources to manage and run its economies and other affairs. Looking at the planet, the ecological nature of the earth’s atmosphere has significantly contributed to the earth producing the resources used by countries. However, climate change has brought about a significant decline in the number of resources produced by the earth. Such a decline has greatly influenced great competition from the countries for the limited resources available, forcing some countries to fight to achieve the resources for themselves. By tackling the climate change issue, the world would find an efficient way to produce plenty of resources capable of supplying every country with the needed resources and end conflicts.

Regulation of Arm Sales

One of the primary reasons most regions engage in conflict is that people can easily access firearms. In most countries, firearms are easily accessible due to the country’s nature to supply the military and the police with good firearms. When a conflict breaks out, most firearms manage to kill and injure people destroying families and the country in general. With plenty and advanced firearms, the potential for a war to breakout rises, prompting the need for firearm sales to be regulated. Through the regulation of arms sales, misappropriate use of firearms and illegal use would be held into account and reduce social conflict.

Proper and Efficient Policy Building

Looking at the world’s policies when it comes to dealing with international issues like the war on drugs and terror, government policies have tended to promote the increase of violence. Each country feels the will and the urge to forcefully fight social problems without accounting for the high increase in social violence from which innocent citizens predominantly suffer. As such, governments worldwide must create new policies for dealing with social problems in a more peaceful strategy than policies in place before.


Worldwide peace is a necessary step to achieving corporation and development among the people of every country. Peace is an aspect that can be easily achieved by governments respecting the rights of every citizen and bringing up initiatives that will socially repel the world’s communities towards empowerment. The above factors of promoting world peace efficiently ensure the world realizes achievable social goals.

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